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Sponsors & Endorsers


Water Star is very grateful to its sponsors. Become a sponsor by either being an active member of the steering committee or by providing at least $500 of in-kind or cash support. Steering committee members are listed in About the Program section of the website.

Water Star Community Program has received major funding from:
Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources River Protection Grants
University of Wisconsin Extension/Colleges

University of Wisconsin Extension/Colleges Program Innovation Fund Grant

Water Star Sponsors providing funding include
American Planning Association - Wisconsin American Planning Association - Wisconsin
MSA logo MSA Professional Services
NRC logo Natural Resources Consulting
Rock River Coalition logo Rock River Coalition
Ruekert and Mielke logo Ruekert & Mielke
Town and Country R C and D logo Town and Country RC&D
Wisconsin Public Service Commission logo Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Wisconsin DOA Coastal Management Program Wisconsin DOA Coastal Management Program

Contact Andy Yencha for more information, or send your check to: Water Star, 9501 W Watertown Plank Rd Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226. Sponsors will be listed in media releases and in our Water Star brochure and will have a link and logo on this page.


Sign on as an endorser to the program by filling in the online form. Anyone can be an endorser whether an individual, municipality, organization or business.

Water Star Endorsers

imtzj1iz imtzj1iz
Category: Business

Edwarddurn Edwarddurn
Category: Business

Renae Anderson
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Category: Agency

Sally Kefer
WI Department of Natural Resources
Category: Agency

Angela Pierce
Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission
Category: Agency

Kevin Shafer
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Category: Special taxing districts (Lake, Utility)

Lee Trotta
Wisconsin Ground Water Association
Category: Individual

Suzanne Wade
Rock River Coalition
Category: Non-profit organization/NGO