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Water Star Community Program Vision

The Vision of the Water Star Community Program is to have "Water Star Communities" dotted like jewels across the countryside: places where the elected officials, municipal staff and citizens all value, protect, restore and celebrate their lakes, rivers, wetlands, groundwater and shorelines. Places where residents do whatever it takes to keep our waters in good shape on private property and in the larger community.

Vision Expanded

In Water Star Communities,

  • Community leaders and residents understand that water quality and quantity is vital to the economic and physical health of their community.
  • Community leaders recognize that their local waters are part of an ecosystem and work in partnership with other communities, upstream and downstream, to protect, restore and conserve the water resources that are such a vital part of their lives.
  • The citizens understand and share the responsibility of using practices in their daily lives that restore the water resources of their community, on public and private lands and community streets.
  • The citizens understand that high-quality water resources are a vital factor in determining quality of life in their community.

Our vision of what a Gold Water Star Community would be like

A Gold Water Star Community would be a vibrant center of economic and social life where the quality of life is generously enhanced by lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, wildlife habitat and open green space which are incorporated into their community design. The shores are lined with trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers that shade the waters, hold soil in place and provide homes for wildlife. Business establishments face the river, which runs clear and clean as it winds its way through the community.

People stroll, run and bike on pathways winding along the lakeshores and river corridors. Restaurant patrons dine by the water's edge serenaded by the sounds of flowing water and bird songs. Business patrons parked their automobiles on porous pavement in parking lots with swales to slow, filter and infiltrate rainwater runoff. Many bicycled or walked to their destination from neighborhoods with curbless, clean-swept winding streets.

Rain gardens minimize mowed lawns, infiltrate roof and driveway runoff, and are a haven for butterflies, birds and other wildlife. Naturalized stormwater retention ponds capture and filter runoff which is slowly released as clean water. Property values are enhanced by the scenic view and wildlife presence. Communities grow as residents return to the urban setting with its' convenient services and high quality of life!